metroncollaborative, artists Annabel Ralphs and Diane Jones-Parry, was established in 2000 to research and initiate exhibitions, residencies and site specific work, in unusual venues.

Exhibiting internationally, collaborations have included Science Oxford, Hollidays Pigment Factory in Hull, Central Booking Gallery NY, Museum of Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, Botanic Gardens, Art in Situ-SW France, and the Mathematics Department of Oxford University.


supported by Arts Council England, Oxford University Mathematics,TORCH (the Oxford Centre for Research in the Humanities), Oxford Culture Fund, Magdalen College Oxford, Merton College Oxford, Science Oxford, Ovada, the Communauté de Communes du Val de Drome


unwrappingbooks was developed to extend the metron platform - resulting in a series of exhibitions inviting artists, musicians and dance practitioners to work with collections of books held by widely different educational, social and research institutions.


exhibitions curated by metroncollaborative


2015 Illegitimate Objects – artists and poets work with Oxford University Mathematical Institute's collection of nineteenth century models of geometric surfaces at the Mathematics Institute.

2014 breaking of tulips: unwrapping books – artists, poets and dancers work with a collection of gardening chronicles at Oxford University Botanic Garden.

2010 rearranging formulae: unwrapping books – artists work with maths and science books donated by Oxford University Press, at the 03 Gallery and at The Fairway at Oxford University Press.

2009 endnotes: unwrapping books artists, dancers and musicians work with library books donated by Oxford City Library at the O3 Gallery, Oxford.



metroncollaborative residencies and solo exhibitions


2019       Installation Chemical Landscapes – MAS, Magdalen Road Art Space.

2018       Residency at Gallery 8 - Magdalen Road Studios

2016       Residency at Brisons Veor – Cape Cornwall

2013 Residency at the Lifeboat Studio, Porthleven, Cornwall, September

2012 Colour –a group exhibition at the Beldam Gallery Brunel University, London.

2011 Immediate Territory – a one day curated event at Magdalen Road Studios Arts Council supported.

2010 Chemical Reactions – metroncollaborative at Central Booking Gallery, New York

2010 Blue – metroncollaborative exhibition/workshop at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

2008 concerning blue at Science Oxford, a multi disciplinary exhibition and concerning the processes, materials, and history of ultramarine with talks and a contemporary music response.

2007/8 Residency and exhibition at the Museum of Oxford,

2006/7 Improvised Maps - metron collaboration in Dispatx Arts Collective, an international curatorial platform for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature.

2006 metron 06, folding and the theory and practice of measure -a collaborative residency and exhibition at the Ovada Gallery, Oxford.

2006 Artwash Blue - an installation at the Truwash laundrette in Headington, Oxford.

2006 metron at riverhouse at the Robert Philips Gallery, Riverhouse, Walton on Thames.

2006 50 over 50 - group exhibition at the University of Brighton Gallery

2006 Close to Nature  - a group exhibition in Roche sur Grane, Drome in SE France.

2005 Drome, Riviere Sauvage? - an international residency and group exhibition at Maison Ramieres, Crest, SE France, supported by Art-in-Situ, the Communauté de Communes du Val de Drome, and by Arts Council England.

2005 Participation in The London Artists Book Fair

2004 Brookes Contemporaries at Modern Art Oxford

2003 Concerning Time at X-Change Gallery, Oxford; a collaborative installation supported by Oxford City Council and Arts Council SE  


metroncollaborative publications


Illegitimate objects with Oxford University Mathematics Institute.

breaking of tulips with Oxford Botanical Gardens.

rearranging Formulae with Oxford University Press

endnotes with Oxford Central Library